Sitemap - 2021 - Fintech Leaders

Eric Glyman, Ramp Co-Founder/CEO – From Zero to $4 Billion in 30 Months, The Future of Business Banking, & Why you need to Double Down on your Strengths and Hire for Your Weaknesses

General Atlantic’s Martín Escobari – Three Traits of the Best Entrepreneurs, 42 years of Global Investment Lessons & How the Regret Minimization Framework Changed his Life

Brian Barnes, Founder/CEO of M1 Finance – Scaling a Unicorn, How to Buy a Bank, and The Incredible Power of Compounding

Money20/20 Special: Kristy Kim, Co-Founder/CEO of Tomo Credit and Justin Howell, Co-Founder/CEO of Rize

Money20/20 Special: Dan Henry, CEO of Green Dot (NYSE: GDOT), and Jeanniey Walden, DailyPay Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer

Money20/20 Special: Immad Akhund, CEO/Founder of Mercury Bank, and Tracey Davies, CEO Money20/20, & Scarlett Sieber, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer @ Money20/20

Brynne McNulty Rojas, Co-Founder/CEO of Habi – Transforming a Trillion Dollar Real Estate Market & Harnessing Data to Power Latin America's PropTech Revolution

TaxBit CEO/Co-Founder, Austin Woodward – Scaling a Crypto Unicorn, Future of Digital Assets, and why Humility is the Most Important Trait for Founders

Oliver Hughes, CEO of Russia’s Tinkoff Bank – Scaling to 17 Million Clients, The Future of Banking, and Building a Culture that Encourages Risk-Taking

Andreessen Horowitz General Partner, Angela Strange and Jeeves Co-Founder/CEO, Dileep Thazhmon – The Incredible Fintech Opportunity in Latin America

Laura Spiekerman, Alloy Co-Founder & CRO – Building a Unicorn, Re-inventing Your Job Every 3-6 Months, and Finding Optimism in the Face of Adversity

Assaf Wand, Hippo Insurance Co-Founder & CEO – Going Public on the NYSE, Reimagining Home Insurance, and Always Doing Right by the Customer

Lightspeed Partner, Alex Taussig – At the Intersection of Fintech and Online Marketplaces

Sean Salas, Co-Founder/CEO of Camino Financial – Catalyzing Economic Growth for Small Businesses

Patrick Burns, CEO/Co-Founder of Spruce – Transforming & Modernizing Online Real Estate Transactions

Sebastian Kreis, Co-Founder of Xepelin – Blitzcaling your Startup & Empowering LatAm’s SMBs

Oportun CEO, Raul Vazquez – Democratizing Credit, Compassionate Leadership, and Navigating an IPO

David Nangle, CEO of VEF – Unlocking Fintech Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Fabrice Grinda, Founding Partner at FJ Labs – Serial Entrepreneur & Investor in 700 Startups!

TechCrunch's Mary Ann Azevedo - Covering the Pulse of Fintech & Latin America's Tech Scene

Mahmoud Abdelkader, CEO/Co-Founder of Very Good Security – Safeguarding the World’s Data

Amy Nauiokas, Anthemis CEO/Founder-Cultivating Change & Building Resiliency in the Financial System

Billionaire Investor, Activist, & Educator Tim Draper — China, Bitcoin, and Free Societies

BlackRock's Salim Ramji, Global Head of iShares & Index Investments – Serving 100 Million Investors

Jarrid Tingle, Managing Partner of Harlem Capital – Transforming the Face of Entrepreneurship

Kevin Busque, Founder/CEO of Guideline – Serial Entrepreneurship & Disrupting US Retirement Savings

Ali Tamaseb, Partner at DCVC - What Does It Really Take to Build a Unicorn?

Sallie Krawcheck, Co-founder/CEO of Ellevest – Wall Street Stories, Building Resilience, & Overcoming Bias

Former Vanguard CEO & Chairman Bill McNabb: The Future of Finance, Leading in Crisis, & ESG

Petal CEO/Co-Founder, Jason Gross – Democratizing Credit Access & Transforming an Industry!

Greycroft Partner, Alison Lange Engel – Backing Unicorns, Building Trust, & Fintech VC!

Anthony Scaramucci, Founder of SkyBridge – Entrepreneurship, Bitcoin Investing, & Public Service

Charles Moldow, General Partner at Foundation Capital – Investing in Fintech Gems

S&P Global CEO, Doug Peterson - The Future of Finance, Power of Data, and Global Business Trend‪s‬

Apply Now! Techstars & Western Union Accelerator Lead Elle Bruno

SoftBank International CEO Marcelo Claure – Investing, Dreaming Big, and the Golden Era of Entrepreneurship!

Robinhood’s COO, Gretchen Howard – Democratizing Finance, Navigating a Crisis, & Embracing Change

Milind Mehere, YieldStreet Founder/CEO - Transforming Digital Wealth Management

Y Combinator's Michael Seibel & Dalton Caldwell - Lessons from 5000 Entrepreneurs

Alexa von Tobel, Co-Founder at Inspired Capital - Bucking the Status Quo

Farewill CEO Dan Garrett — Revolutionizing Wills, Probates, and How We Handle Death

Mayor Francis Suarez - Bringing Silicon Valley to Miami!

Entrepreneurship Lessons with Brian Requarth, Co-Founder of VivaReal & Latitud

Jackie Reses - Leadership Lessons, Fintech Innovation, & Helping Small Businesses

Sam Bobley, Co-Founder and CEO of Ocrolus - Transforming Documents into Data Analytics

Eyal Shinar, Co-Founder of Fundbox - Disrupting B2B Financing

Dan Henry, CEO of Green Dot - Modern Banking for Everyone

Public Co-CEO Leif Abraham on FinTech Marketing, Using Values to Scale Decision Making, and Changing the Culture of The Stock Market

Noah Kerner, CEO of Acorns - Leveling the Investment Playing Field