Sitemap - 2023 - Fintech Leaders

2023 Numbers & Learnings, Top 10 Episodes, Future Goals

Techstars CEO, Maëlle Gavet – Lessons from Backing 9000+ Founders, VC’s Dire Need for Reinvention, Why Nothing Worth Doing is Ever Easy

Luis Silva, CEO/Founder of Cloudwalk – Building a Multiplanetary Fintech, Why GenAI is Your Ally (And Future Boss), From Zero to $400M in Revenue

Sarah Hammer, Executive Director at the Wharton School – Accelerating Fintech and Leading Through Crisis

Ohad Samet, CEO & Co-Founder of TrueML – Re-Inventing a $20 Billion Industry, The State of BNPL, Why VCs Are Not Your Friends

Jason Guss, CEO & Co-Founder of Octane - Building a Profitable Fintech, Capital Markets Lessons, The Future of Software in Fintech

Emmalyn Shaw, Flourish Ventures Managing Partner – What Motivates Mission-Driven Founders, Why Specialist Funds Win Big, Investing in Global Fintech

Secrets to Managing Your Board of Directors - From Board Members of Nubank, Acorns, dLocal, Justworks, Upgrade, XP, Alibaba, & More Global Titans

Stuart Sopp, CEO of Current – Fintech’s ‘Era of Value’: Balancing Growth, Innovation, and Profitability

Howard Morgan, Tech & VC Pioneer – 50 Years of Shaping the Future, From ARPANET to Building RenTech, First Round, and B Capital

Ben Miller, CEO & Co-Founder of Fundrise – Serving 2 Million Clients, A Tough Business Pivot That Led to $3.3 Billion AUM, Building a Lasting Culture

Josh Reeves, CEO & Co-Founder of Gusto – Building a $9.6 Billion Giant to Serve Small Businesses

Tom Callahan, CEO of Nasdaq Private Market – Transparency, Innovations, and Challenges… State of the $3.5 Trillion Private Markets in 2023

Jean-Denis Greze, Plaid CTO – At the Cutting Edge of Privacy and Security, Powerful Network Effects, How LLMs Will Reshape Our Digital Experience

Colin Walsh, CEO of Varo Bank - $1B to Create Better Banking, Securing a US Bank Charter, How to Build Trust With Customers

Ricardo Josua, CEO of Pismo – Visa’s $1B Acquisition, Going Global From Day One, Building Trust With Fintechs & Large Banks

Brex COO, Michael Tannenbaum - Dreaming Big, Building a Global Financial Powerhouse, Seizing Opportunities in a High Interest-Rates Era

Pedro Conrade, CEO/Founder of Neon – From Startup to Titan, Behind Brazil's Fintech Revolution, Mastering Your M&A Strategy and Navigating Major Crises

Gary Hoberman, CEO/Founder of Unqork - From 300 No's to a $2B Valuation, Pioneering Codeless Software, Erasing Corporate Technical Debt

Stephany Kirkpatrick, CEO & Founder of Orum – Making Fast & Real-Time US Payments Accessible for All

Alexis Pantazis, Co-Founder of Hellas Direct – A Contrarian Play That Led to $150M Annual Revenue, Mastering Product & Market Launches, The Future of Insurance

Billy Libby, CEO/Co-Founder at Upper90 – The Future of Debt, Credit, & Venture Capital

Chris Pento, Clear Street CEO/Co-Founder – Building a $2B Giant in 5 Years, Upgrading Wall Street's Technology, Strategy & Rapid Product Launches

Salman Syed, CEO of Fidel API – Why CEO is a 24/7/365 Job, The Future of Financial Services, Leveraging Real-Time Transaction Data

Adena Hefets, CEO/Co-Founder of Divvy Homes - Rent to Own: Unlocking Wealth Through Reimagined Homeownership

So You Want to Raise Venture Capital? Learn From 9 Founders Who Have Collectively Raised $1.8 Billion in Funding

Soups Ranjan, CEO of Sardine – Navigating a Sea of Financial Fraud, Outsmarting Scammers, & The Need For Real-Time Fraud Detection

Tommy Nicholas, CEO/Co-Founder of Alloy – From 100 No’s to a $1.55B Valuation, Company Building Struggles, & The Fascinating World of Anti-Fraud

Trisha Kothari, CEO/Co-Founder of Unit21 – Battling Financial Fraudsters, The Impact of AI on Fraud, & How to Land Your First B2B Clients

Tidjane Deme, Partech Africa General Partner – From Africa to the World. How African Fintechs are Becoming Global Champions

Luvleen Sidhu, CEO/Founder of BM Technologies – The Future of Banking Technology, Going Public on the NYSE, Navigating a Company Strategy Pivot

Jorge Combe, CEO/Co-Founder of DD360 - Bootstrapping to a 91M Series A, The Intersection of PropTech & AI, Incredible Opportunities in Mexico & LatAm

Daniel Cohen, Banking Leader & Entrepreneur – Fintech is Transforming the Financial Industry, but Banks Can Still Thrive

David Haber, a16z General Partner - Building Fintech Giants, Leading With Software, What Makes a Truly Great VC

Itai Damti, CEO & Co-Founder of Unit – The Future of Software-Driven Fintechs, Solving Atomic-Level Problems, Founder Mistakes and Successes

Jane Alexander, Carta CMO – Transforming Private Markets, How to Expand Your Product Suite, Crucial Productivity Hacks

Nilan Peiris, Chief Product Officer at Wise – Building a Multi-Billion Fintech Powerhouse, Global Expansion Strategies, & Customer-Driven Innovation

Leif Abraham, Co-Founder of – Building a Loyal User Base of 3 Million Users in 3 Years & The Future of Retail Investing

Alex Prot, Qonto CEO & Co-Founder – €622 Million to Empower European SMEs, Building a Fintech Giant, & The Strategy to Reach One Million Clients

Mercedes Bent, Partner at Lightspeed – Unlocking Fintech’s Potential Across the Americas and Balancing Priorities in Venture Capital Investing

Adam Nash, CEO/Co-Founder of Daffy – The Future of Charitable Giving, Lessons for CEOs, & Staying Bullish on Consumer Fintech

Zach Noorani, Foundation Capital Partner – The Future of Financial Services, Global Fintech Opportunities, & Lessons From Investing Mistakes

Suni Lobo, Marqeta Chief HR/People Officer – Building a Culture of Innovation and Purpose, & Key Lessons For Leaders in Fast-Growing Companies

Bruno Balduccini, Pinheiro Neto Partner – How Brazil Became a Global Fintech Leader & What Other Countries Can Learn From Their Success

Denise Thomas, CEO of ApplePie Capital – Building a Franchise Loan Marketplace & The Surprising Impact of Tech Layoffs On Franchising

Prajit Nanu, CEO & Co-Founder of Nium – Building a Billion Dollar Business, Startup Recruiting Mistakes, & The Power to Staying Lean and Scrappy

Peter Hazlehurst, CEO & Co-Founder of Synctera - The Future of Banking as a Service & Lessons From 30 Years of Building Fintech & Tech Companies

Bar Geron, CEO & Co-Founder of Balance – Future of B2B Payments, Risks of Landing Big Clients as a Small Startup, & Why Learning is Your Best Currency

Rob Petrozzo, Co-Founder of Rally – The Fascinating World of Collectibles, Investing in Dinosaurs Fossils, & The Power of an Engaged Community

Aron Schwarzkopf, CEO of Kushki - Ecuador's First Unicorn, Hidden Benefits of a Digital Economy, & Why We Should Get Rid of Cash

Latif Peracha, General Partner at M13 - The Future of Money, Investing Frameworks, & Lessons From Working With Richard Branson

Secrets to Managing Your Board of Directors - From Board Members of Nubank, Acorns, dLocal, Justworks, Upgrade, XP, Alibaba, & More Global Titans