Sitemap - 2022 - Fintech Leaders

15 Months of Podcasting, Top 10 Episodes, and 2023 Goals

Steve McLaughlin, Founder of FT Partners – 2023 Predictions, Making Sense of the Global Fintech Market, & Valuable Founder Advice

Medha Agarwal, Partner at Redpoint Ventures – Doubling Down on Fintech Investing, Modernizing the CFO Tech Stack, & The Power of Content Creation

Ginger Baker from Plaid & Amit Parikh from Green Dot – Tech That Will Shape Fintech’s Future & The Evolution of Consumer Data Security

Ben Gleason, Kamino Co-Founder – Raising Capital in a Frozen Market, Tough Founder Lessons, & Fintech's Incredible Impact in Brazil

Katlego Maphai, Yoco CEO/Co-Founder – Building a South African Digital Giant, Empowering Small Businesses, & Founder Lessons to Overcome Adversity

Patricia Kemp, Oak HC/FT Co-Founder & Managing Partner – The Future of Fintech, Crypto Regulation, & Why 2023 Could Bring a Wave of Fintech M&A

Matt Harris, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures – Lessons From Three Decades of Fintech Investing, What Defines Great Founders, & Embedded Finance’s Massive Potential

Matan Bar, CEO/Co-Founder of Melio – Always Remember to Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing

Hristo Borisov, CEO/Co-Founder of Payhawk – Building Bulgaria’s First Unicorn, Over-investing in Talent, & How to Keep Your Team Focused

Stephanie Choo, Partner at Portage – Counter-Cyclical Fintech Opportunities, The Great Canadian Fintech Market, & The Future of Crypto

Sergio Fogel, dLocal Co-Founder & Sergio Furio, Creditas Founder/CEO - The Fintech Revolution in Brazil, LatAm, and Beyond

Immad Akhund, CEO/Founder of Mercury – Focus on Your Clients and Forget About Competitors, Planning for Startup Winter, & The Power of Networking

Mary Ann Azevedo, Senior Reporter at TechCrunch – The Good and Ugly Sides of Fintech, What Great Journalism Really Means, & Why Startups Represent Hope

Julio Vasconcellos, Atlantico Managing Partner – Rollercoaster Startup Stories, Making Hard Decisions, & Why Brazil is a World-Class Fintech Hub

Alfonso De los Rios, CEO of Nowports - The College Dropout That Built a Global Unicorn by Age 23

Nelson Chu, CEO of Percent – Disrupting a Multi-Trillion-Dollar Market, Building a Culture of Accountability and Transparency, & Why NYC is the Global Fintech Capital

Laura Merling, Chief Transformation Officer at Arvest Bank – Driving Change in Large Organizations and Building Bank-Fintech Partnerships

Mike Cagney, Founder of Figure & SoFi – Building Massive Transformational Companies, Key Founder Lessons, & How Blockchain is Revolutionizing Financial Services

Amanda Abrams, CEO of Cohen Circle – The Future of SPACs and Public Markets, Analyzing the SPAC Boom of 2020/2021, & What Great CEOs Have in Common

Anthony Scaramucci, Founder of SkyBridge & SALT – Riding his 9th Bear Market, Investing Strategies, & The Bright Future of Crypto

Oded Zehavi, Co-Founder/CEO at Mesh – $60M to Build a Corporate Self-Driving Wallet, Lessons from PayPal, & the Fascinating Israeli Fintech World

Sergio Fogel & Gonzalo Strauss – Building dLocal, Datanomik, and AstroPay. What’s the Secret to Scaling a Multibillion-dollar Company with Minimal Funding?

Ankur Sinha, CTO of Remitly – Focusing on Customer Delight, The Wild World of Remittances, & How to Maximize Impact at a New Company

Peter Lord, CEO/Co-Founder of Codat – Raising $160M to Unlock Small Business Data, How to Plan Your International Expansion, & The Future of Open Banking

Dan Westgarth, COO of Deel – From $1-$100 Million ARR in 20 Months, Powering the Global Hiring Revolution, & What it Means to be COO

Sophia Goldberg, The Field Guide to Global Payments – Unlocking Opportunities and Understanding the Complex and Fast-Changing World of Payments

Arjun Sethi, Tribe Capital Co-Founder – The State of Crypto and How We Got Here, Pursuing N-of-1 Fintechs, & How Tribe Uses Data to Deploy Capital

Jeff Tijssen, Bain Global Head of Fintech – Reimagining Financial Services for Incumbents and Fintechs & How Embedded Finance Will Transform the Industry

Abby Levy, Co-Founder of Primetime Partners – Harnessing Fintech Innovation to Invest for Retirement & Improving the Quality of Life for Older Adults

Jimmy Soni: The Inside Story of PayPal – Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, and the Company that Shaped the Modern Internet

David Nangle, Managing Partner at VEF – Navigating a Bear Market, Running a Publicly Traded VC, & How to Invest in Emerging Markets

Shmulik Fishman, CEO/Co-Founder at Argyle - What it Really Means to be CEO, The Future of your Data, & Why You Should Lead with Laughter

Alexa von Tobel, Co-Founder at Inspired Capital – The Future of your Wallet, Global Fintech Trends, & How to Look for Exceptional Founders

Building Responsible Alternative Lending Products - Paulo Passoni (SoftBank), Alejandro Correa (Rappi), David Green (Earnest), & Alex Kostecki (Clair)

Kurt Lin, Co-Founder/CEO of Pinwheel – Pushing the Frontiers of Fintech Innovation, How to Build an A+ Remote Team, & the Future of Credit Scoring

Jackie Reses and Lauren Weinberg, Self-Made Bosses - Tools And Advice For Helping Small Businesses Start, Run, And Grow

Renaud Laplanche, Co-Founder/CEO of Upgrade – Building Two Fintech Unicorns, The Evolution of the CEO Role, & Why your Company’s First Hires are Incredibly Important

Soraya Darabi, Co-Founder/General Partner at TMV – Backing Purpose-Driven Unicorns, Changing the Face of VC, & Why Investors Ignoring Diverse Founders are Missing out on Huge Returns

Paulo Passoni, SoftBank Latin America Managing Partner – Investing $8 Billion in 3 years, Navigating a Bear Market, & What SoftBank Looks for in Founding Teams

Greg Krasnov, Founder/CEO at Tonik & 🇺🇦 Ukrainian 🇺🇦 Serial Entrepreneur – Lessons from 20+ Years of Building Fintechs & Staying innovative in a Remote World

Alto CEO/Founder, Eric Satz – Strengthening Your Portfolio with Crypto & Alternative Assets, Balancing Hyper-Growth Amidst a Pandemic, and Building a Distributed World Class Team

Adalberto Flores, Founder/CEO of Kueski - Tequila, Mariachis, & Technology

Dave Co-Founder/CEO, Jason Wilk – Going Public on Nasdaq via SPAC, Lessons for Overlooked Startups, & Why you Should Always Listen to Customer Feedback

Balderton Capital General Partner, Rana Yared – Europe’s Massive Fintech Opportunity, Balderton’s Sustainable Future Goals, & Portfolio Reflections for VCs

Gaston Irigoyen, Co-Founder/CEO of Pomelo – Fundraising Frameworks, Lessons for Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs, & How Pomelo is Building Modern Fintech Infrastructure

Brad Levy, CEO of Symphony – Mastering your M&A Growth Strategy, Scaling a Global Powerhouse, & Why Generalists Thrive in a World of Specialists

Maya Dadoo, Co-Founder & CEO of Worky – Benefits of a 4-Day Work Week, Why It’s Never Too Early to Hire a Head of People, & The Massive Opportunity at the Intersection of Fintech and HR Tech