Sitemap - 2024 - Fintech Leaders

Melissa Guzy, Arbor Ventures Co-Founder – Global Fintech Investing, Generating Liquidity for LPs, What Makes Emerging Market Founders Special

David Haber, a16z General Partner - Building Fintech Giants, Leading With Software, What Makes a Truly Great VC

Rakefet Russak-Aminoach, Managing Partner at Team8 - Building Massive Companies, The Future of Fintech, Transforming a Company Culture

So You Want to Raise Venture Capital? 9 Founders Who've Raised $1.8 Billion in Collective Funding Share Lessons

Anthony Denier, President of Webull - Building a $7Bn Disruptor, Expanding US Markets Access Globally, What Makes a Great Trader

Mikhail Lomtadze, CEO - Building a $24Bn Tech Titan, From Kazakhstan to the World

Blake Hall, CEO of – From Battlefields to Boardrooms, How Combat Gave This Veteran the Drive and Experience to Build a Tech Giant

Vishal Garg, CEO of - Tough Lessons, Rebuilding a Company Culture, Pioneering the One Day Mortgage

Charles Moldow, Foundation Capital – Data: The New Gold in FinTech, Secrets Behind Successful VCs, Importance of Founder-Market-Fit

Oliver Hughes, Leader at TBC Bank and ex Tinkoff CEO - Building The Most Profitable Digital Bank in the World, the Future of Personal Banking

Rodger Desai, CEO of Prove - The Billion Dollar Firm Building the Future of Identity Verification Using Smartphone Data

Doug Ricket, CEO of PayJoy – The $300 Million Revenue Global Juggernaut with a Mission to Empower a Billion Clients Around the World

Rebecca Lynn, Co-Founder of Canvas Ventures - Building a Billion Dollar Brand, Why Everything is Always on Sale, Building Data-Driven Marketing Engines

Asaf Horesh, Managing Partner of Vintage Investment Partners – $4Bn AUM & 20 Years of VC Investing Data, Why the Best Investors Master Self-Awareness

Mike Seckler, CEO of Justworks - Building a $300M Revenue SaaS Company, Surviving the Dot-Com Crash, The Power of Long-Term Focus

Jack Zhang, CEO of Airwallex - A $5.5 Billion Powerhouse Solving Global Payments for Companies

Alberto Dalmasso, CEO of Satispay – Building Italy's Everyday Fintech App, Serving 4M Users & 330k Merchants, Early Failures and Successes

Nick Peddy, CTO of Clear - The Future of Digital Identity, Why AI WILL NOT Take Our Jobs, Secrets to Great Management

Lauren Kolodny, Co-Founder of Acrew Capital - The Case for Consumer FinTech, Lean Into Your Strengths, Traits of Rising Star VCs

Eric Poirier, CEO of Addepar – Powering $5 Trillion of Assets, Modernizing Investment Management, From Engineer to CEO & The Power of Bold Bets

What Makes a Great Investor? Strategy Masterclass from 10 VCs with $160B in Collective AUM

Michael Blaugrund, CEO of DriveWealth – Powering 24/7 Investing Worldwide, The Next Gen of Embedded Finance, 3 Major Crises that Shaped the Industry

Sohail Prasad, CEO of Destiny - Democratizing Private Investing in Companies like SpaceX, Stripe, and OpenAI

David Magerman, Co-Founder of Differential Ventures - Risks of Building with GenAI, Pioneering Quant Trading, & How to Fix the Internet

Shamir Karkal, Co-Founder of Sila – Selling Your Company to a Large Bank, A Bullish Case for Consumer Fintech, The Hard Parts of Entrepreneurship

Bill Capuzzi, CEO of Apex - Bringing Capital Markets Technology to the 21st Century

Wayne Slavin, CEO/Founder of Sure – The Future of Insurance, Pulling off a Business Pivot, How the Immigrant Drive Helps Build Massive Companies

Dan Rosen, Founder of Commerce Ventures - The Real Advantage of Repeat Founders, Qualities of Great Investors, How to Build a Top Performing VC

Company Building Masterclass – Lessons From the CEOs of Ramp, Gusto, Figure, Upgrade, Melio, Fundrise, Unit21, Sardine, and Many More