Dec 21, 2021 • 35M

Eric Glyman, Ramp Co-Founder/CEO – From Zero to $4 Billion in 30 Months, The Future of Business Banking, & Why you need to Double Down on your Strengths and Hire for Your Weaknesses

Miguel Armaza sits down with Eric Glyman, Co-Founder & CEO of Ramp, a finance automation platform providing an all in one banking solution for businesses.

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I sit down with the very genuine Eric Glyman, Co-Founder & CEO of Ramp, a finance automation platform providing an all in one banking solution for businesses.

Founded less than three years ago, Ramp has scaled incredibly fast and is now the fastest growing corporate card in the US, having raised almost half a billion dollars from investors like Founders Fund, Coatue, Stripe, Goldman, and more.

Eric is a second-time fintech entrepreneur, which made this conversation especially interesting. We discussed:

Ramp’s secret sauce that has allowed them to scale extremely fast, while maintaining product quality and client satisfaction.

“There are certain parts of the org that are designed explicitly for very fast iteration and moving extremely quickly... At some point, once you've determined product market fit… it shifts to a different style of engineering, which is about robustness, incredible foundation, and low latency.”

Leadership lessons. Why startup founders with product market fit should prioritize hiring the highest quality of people and building internal processes.

“I spend about 40% of my time just on hiring and thinking through processes and meeting with candidates. Most people are really surprised on the time I spend with them, and it's because I’m gonna count on them to make great decisions.”

In Partnership with…

The traditional approach to compliance is manual, messy, and disparate. It’s time to reimagine compliance

The platform guides customers through the adoption of proper SOC 2 operations. We prescribe what needs to be implemented and provide tools to demonstrate compliance to any regulators and businesses. 

Laika unifies the entire compliance process for every audit, questionnaire, and security control. 

Make minimizing risk easier than ever.

Strength of the Capital One school. Lessons learned from his time at Capital One and why most fintechs want to hire Capital One alums.

“[Capital One] is really driven by this business analyst skillset of, how do you really go and use an information based strategy, test and learn, understand various hypothesis, iterate on that, and use data to make decisions.

Today, many fintechs are all trying to hire people who were at Capital One or who are there now. It's probably the most common thread if you look at risk and underwriting teams.”

A window into Eric’s vision of the future of business banking, where most tasks will be automated and companies will spend less money and time managing their banks… and a whole lot more!

“Whether it's us or others, I think the world will be a better place if customer’s financial partners and software partners are thinking not just about how do they charge you more, higher prices for a SaaS offering, or get you to use their product more button. But instead say ‘how can I genuinely help someone spend less money and time?’”

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