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Money20/20 Special: Dan Henry, CEO of Green Dot (NYSE: GDOT), and Jeanniey Walden, DailyPay Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer

Money20/20 Special: Dan Henry, CEO of Green Dot (NYSE: GDOT), and Jeanniey Walden, DailyPay Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer

Miguel Armaza heads to Money2020 and sits down with Dan Henry, Green Dot CEO, and Jeanniey Walden, DailyPay Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer.

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Today, I bring you the second special episode featuring my Money2020 conversations with Dan Henry, Green Dot CEO, and Jeanniey Walden, DailyPay Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer.

First up, Dan Henry and I explore:

Going remote-first and what this has meant for a publicly-traded company like Green Dot

“In the old model between company and employee, the company would say to the employee, ‘here's the deal, you have to live in this city, and for 49 or 50 weeks out of the year, you have to come to this steel structure and work 40 to 80 hours a week. But hey, two or three weeks of the year, you get to go wherever you want take some time off.’ So our structure is going to reverse that ratio.”

Launching Go2Bank to serve 100+ million Americans living paycheck to paycheck

“The intent of GO2bank’s products is to put feature functionality that really helps our customer tackle day to day financial challenges… I mean, COVID made it so crystal clear and apparent that living 100% in cash, it's just no longer an option in this country... what we look at is giving customers the opportunity to improve and build a credit score so they can get onto the path of credit, because in America, it's very expensive to be poor.”

Three pieces of advice for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs

  1. Make sure you’re solving a real problem - don’t create a solution to try finding a problem.

  2. Be incredibly passionate about the problem, because whatever you start off doing is going to be 10 times more difficult than you thought. If you're doing it just to get rich, that's not going to get you to the finish line.

  3. Build a great team. Surround yourself with the best people and individuals you can trust.

“I don't have all the right answers or the great ideas, but as a collective team, we can solve any problem that comes our way.”

…and a lot more!

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Next, Jeanniey Walden and I discuss:

How DailyPay provides its earned wage access to 80% of the Fortune 200 companies, seven out of 10 of the largest fast food companies, and one out of six grocery store workers.

“We work with companies of all sizes…. So we're really creating this movement that just matches the mindset of the economy now, which is immediate access, on demand, when you need it.”

The launch of their latest product - DailyPay Marketplace, which will give banks, credit unions, or even retailers, the ability to integrate DailyPay’s product through API's or white labeling.

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Emerging Fintech Leaders

Three early-stage fintech companies doing amazing things

Fizz is a debit card for US college students that builds credit. Student credit card debt and lack of financial literacy are persistent long-term threats to a person’s livelihood. What starts as a small concern in your twenties can snowball into huge financial troubles later in life. Fizz is building a better way to start building credit early and achieve financial freedom sooner. Created by students, for students, the YC-backed team is uniquely attuned to the pain points in its market and has developed a simple, attractive product for all college students. And, they’re hiring!

Co-Founders: Carlo Kobe, Moritz Pail, Scott Smith, Moritz Stephen


PLAN3T offers a first-of-its-kind rewards program for sustainable spending. Leveraging the emergence of open-banking APIs, particularly in its home region of Europe, the company marries social impact and financial impact for consumers in a user-friendly way. PLAN3T coins and scoring methods allow users to understand the environmental footprint of each transaction and benefit from eco-friendly spending choices through cashback and other rewards. The Hamburg-based company has just raised its pre-seed and is now looking to expand its services, network of partner companies, and its talent base. Apply here!

Co-Founders: Lukas Wehrhahn, Kaspar Wehrhahn, Christian Gärtner


Finary is a chat platform for engaged retail investing communities. The YC-backed platform allows investors to compare, debate, and finally execute trades immediately through their existing brokerage accounts. By connecting brokerage accounts to its social platform, Finary leapfrogs a major obstacle between talking about trades and actually making them. This gain in efficiency has attracted many content creators to the platform, where all-in-one investment management can happen. Finary has just completed its seed round, and is now seeking to bring on additional talent to work towards its mission of collaborative investing. Apply here!

Co-Founders: Darian Bhathena, Roger Cawdette, Jack Phifer

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Miguel Armaza is Co-Founder & Managing General Partner of Gilgamesh Ventures, a seed-stage investment fund focused on fintech in the Americas. He also hosts and writes the Fintech Leaders podcast and newsletter.

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